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Mark Mahoney

Co-Founder, Jackrabbit Technologies, Huntersville, NC | USA

Mark Mahone, Jackrabbit TecnologiesFrank and his team  at 3rd Level Consulting have both the operator hands-on experience and have advised and guided 1000’s of gyms, schools, students, and centers over the past 25+ years. They really know the business and truly care about their client’s goals and success.

I consider Frank a close, personal friend and he is also one of my trusted advisory board members. He and his team have great vision and insight to all of the operations of these types of businesses.

  • PAST – The Wings Center was one of Jackrabbit’s first dozen customers and helped light the fire as a test case for the industry’s direction.
  • PRESENT – 3rd Level Consulting continues to spread the word about the power and value that Jackrabbit represents to the industry globally.
  • FUTURE – Future interfaces between Jackrabbit, 3rd Level’s SmartEDGE Resources and LEAP! Learning platforms are coming soon – a productive partnership for mutual clients!

Mark Mahoney, Co-Founder
Jackrabbit Technologies
Huntersville, NC | USA

Jackrabbit Technologies Works with the Following Industries

AcroCheerleading • Child Care CenterChildren’s Activity CenterDance & Performing Arts

GymnasticsSwimmingMartial ArtsNinja | ParkourSpecial Needs  • Trampoline & Tumbling

Why We Do What We Do

We have had an over the top experience with Frank and 3rd Level! Not to mention all the professional relationships and friendships built through 3rd Level. They have all been instrumental in adding and inspiring our growth. We are eternally grateful for that support system, and hope we can all keep building each other up to make this industry and these kids the absolute best they can be!

Connie Raley, MCG Kids | USA

Frank and 3rd Level have been a huge asset in helping us focus on what our business has needed through the years. His personal assistance and the many online tools 3rd Level offers have enhanced our efforts as gym owners in so many ways. Our gym has grown, expanded into new programs and we have achieved our goal of bringing on board new partners and beginning the transition to retirement!

Frank and his team have both the operator hands-on experience and have advised and guided 1000’s of gyms/schools/students/centers over the page 35+ years. They really know the business and care about their client’s goals and success. I consider Frank a close friend and he is one of my advisory board member. He and his team have great vision and insight to all the operations of these types of businesses.

To be a good leader, srurround yourself with incredible teachers and an incredible network of like-minded people! Frank and the 3rd Level Team have been instrumental in providing professional advice, educational materials, networking events and online systems which have propelled our business success. Our vision has become much more than anything we had ever dreamed.

The value of membership is exceptional and the 3rd Level Team continues to amaze me with the amount of time, energy and thought that is invested in creating systems. This allows leaders in child development industries to focus on the passion that got them into their business … I’ve learned I don’t need to invent new systems or programs … simply access them through the online dashboard.

Nadine Burgess, Spokane Gymnastics | USA

We have been a 3rd Level Member for quite some time, as 3rd Level grew, we came on board with every one of their steps. The Success Dashboards helped us really look at all aspects of our business, not just the areas I was comfortable with and filled in information that was not in my comfort zone and broke it down into categories that we now use throughout our organization.

Lorraine Currie, Futures | CANADA

Since 2009, 3rd Level Consulting has worked with my business after my swim school suffered a terrible setback. Frank evaluated & restructured my business and served as our broker when we eventually sold our swim school 7 years ago! In addition, Frank walked me through starting my current business, Swim Consultant and has served as a terrific resource of knowledge over the years.

3rd Level is a huge part of our success! Over the years we have called upon them for help in many areas. When we decided to add another location, they helped with demographics and the crafting of a business plan to present to bankers. One of them commented that it was one of the best business plans he had ever seen. 3rd level was able to give us some very concrete data that resonated with this banker.

How lucky I was to be referred to Frank Sahlein over 20 years ago! I’m confident to say I would not have taken any of the risks I did if it were not for having Frank on my team. He is truly an industry guru and his advice, resources, and personal commitment to growth and education is incomparable. Anyone looking for success in the children’s activity center business needs Frank and 3rd Level on their team!

Our enrollment, retention, space usage and productivity have all increased with the help of the systems, ideas and information available in the 3rd Level Library and SmartEDGE Resources Dashboard. Whether you are starting a new child centered business, or have been in the business for years, joining the 3rd Level Team will have a positive impact on your business, productivity and bottom line.

3rd Level has helped me as a business owner in insurmountable ways! Frank and his team help guide me to make smart business decisions as well as provide incredible training and staff management resources through their conferences and e-learning resources. Working with 3rd Level inspires me to be an industry leader and it’s always a blessing to collaborate with like-minded professionals.

Karissa Johnson, Spectra Gymnastics | USA

At Delta we know that it is our systems that make us good and our people that make us great.  Frank has designed a unique blend of products and services that support the continued development of our systems and people.  After ten years on the journey with us I count Frank as a close friend and marvel at the profound difference he is making to our industry. Thanks Frank!

Our 2nd location is thriving and we are now looking to see what the future holds. 3rd Level is right there with us as we look to streamline our systems and gain efficiency by utilizing SmartEDGE across our business. This platform that Frank and his team created meets our needs for training, document management, HR, hiring and more. We are so grateful to continue evolving and raising the bar.

Courtney Parfitt, Thrive Gymnastics | USA

Their innovative approach allowed me to get a general overview of our entire company and gave me the tools to address the areas that needed attention. Now we know that our company is sound. Having 3rd Level Consulting as part of our team allows us to operate with professionalism and confidence. I recommend them to anyone in the children’s activity center industry.

When I first started my relationship with 3rd Level, I was an overworked, inefficient, manager and coach. I received their expert advice and it led me to become an owner, with a realistic schedule, fantastic and trustworthy staff (the BEST in the country), and allows me to be a father and husband too. 3rd Level, in no uncertain terms, gave me opportunities to become the man I dreamed of being.

J Orkowski, Gymfinity | USA

3rd Level has been instrumental in providing professional advice, educational materials, networking events and online systems which have propelled our business success. Their attention to detail and personalized service is above and beyond, they really care about their clients. Frank and Ron have always helped to guide us in key decisions and we now are expanding in a new world class facility.

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3rd Level Consulting is the most complete and trusted source for the development and growth of highly successful and profitable children’s activity centers, gymnastics gyms, dance studios, cheer gyms, swim schools and child care centers worldwide.

Our philosophy and mantra is to put the right PEOPLE in the right POSITIONS, doing the right THINGS, with the right TOOLS.

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