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With over 1610+ clients and counting spanning 7 countries, 3rd LevelConsulting is the most complete and trusted source for the development and growth of highly successful and profitable Children’s Activity Centers. Our expert consultants work diligently to provide superior service at every stage of your business.

Best Practices Library

Included with your membership, this online, searchable Member Sharefile site provides you with 2,500+ business operations documents and templates in the areas of Management Strategies, Marketing, Human Resources, Technology, Finance, Facilities, Risk Management, Inspiration, Leadership and MORE!  Why reinvent the wheel?

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Success Solutions Dashboards

Included with your membership, this online application integrates the important work of owners, administrators, and managers of all types (general, site, program and office). It combines world class position descriptions with self-evaluations, and links this to specific current and long term action items.

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Smart Moves Teacher Training System

Online, customizable platforms in many sports to reduce staff training time and cost. Enhances lesson quality, safety and consistency to retain students longer. Request an Online Demonstration.

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RiskAssure Solutions

Online platform that reduces risk and liability by recording all of your equipment inspections and repairs as well as every incident/accident. RAS also provides a template for overall Risk Assessment.  Request an Online Demonstration!

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The Transformations Institute

Online, customizable Learning Management System (LMS) is a cutting-edge, complete solution for the creation and monitoring of professional and personal development of your staff. Imagine combining our business and personal course resources with your own specific requirements, as well as any industry association courses – all in one spot!

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3rd Level Consulting Online Forum on Facebook

The 3rd Level Consulting Online Forum on Facebook is where 3rd Level Members can post questions, add insight, make observations – anything to help each others businesses increase our value, efficiency and profit while reducing our stress and risk. 

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