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Business Valuation

Do you need a valuation? We are full-time career professionals with over 50+ years of industry-specific experience. 3rd Level Consulting has completed 350+ industry valuations.

  • We use multiple methods to give you a complete picture of your business value – Do you know what your business is really worth?

  • Discover how to improve your business value – We recommend steps to improve your business value and reach your financial goals.
  • We provide valuations for many reasons – Knowing what your business is worth is critical to your financial success.

Reasons to get a business valuation: Buying or Selling a Business, Partner Buyouts, Divorces, Financial Planning, Net-Worth Statements, Succession Planning, Business Expansion Planning, Computation of Key Man Life Insurance and many more.

Business Valuation
New Facility Planning

New Facility Planning

If you are interested in building or starting a facility, we can help you with a Feasibility and/or New Facility Study, customized to help you accomplish your goals and feel confident that your business plan is ready to present to the bank.

  • Justify breakeven and P&L projections – Develop a business plan that considers demographics, competition & complete project costs – bank ready.
  • Independent expert guidance throughout your project – We have helped hundreds of owners like you sidestep fatal flaws.

  • Move forward with confidence – Avoid costly mistakes with a thorough business plan and justifiable projections.

Using demographics, site analysis, competitor comparisons along with your P&L projections and space need calculation, you will know how to make your dreams a reality.

Expansion Planning

Do you want to add space or new activities to your existing facility? Make sure you’re armed with the right information for your project.

  • We assist you with your expansion projects by providing expert experienced consultants.
  • Determine the right size facility and activities to maximize your ROI – Base decisions on detailed demographic and cost analysis.

  • Make solid decisions with project-specific analysis – Are you ready to move forward with confidence?

Project demographics and financial analysis, coupled with experience experts, is often the difference between a struggle and success.

Expansion Planning
Retirement & Succession Planning

Retirement Planning

Our team of experts have deep industry-specific experience in Valuation, Brokerage, and Succession Planning.

  • Creating a Long-Term Succession Plan is critical – Is your business prepared to continue without you?
  • Retirement Planning requires solid strategies to continue increasing business value – Do you know your business’ value?

  • Our experts create a systematic exit plan that considers every aspect of the transition – Every business should have an exit strategy in place.

Developing a plan is the most critical step to protect your investment and realize continuing financial success. Our experts help businesses by providing solid strategies while increasing business value.

Buying or Selling?

3rd Level is a recognized leader in guiding both buyers and sellers through the process of business sales and purchases. We are industry-specific experts in valuation, negotiations and sales.

  • Be confident in the fair market value of a business – Make sure you are not selling too low or paying too much.
  • Avoid mistakes in buying or selling a business – Have you considered all of the critical factors?
  • Understand your business’ value and how it can be improved – Do you know the steps to improve profits before selling or after buying?

We give you experienced, unbiased, no-pressure advice.
Sellers: Prepare your business for the highest sale price.
Get a fair value for your investment.
Ask about our Tax-Free Business Sales Strategy.

Buying or Selling

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