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Complete Online Professional Business and Personal Education Resource Site for Owners, Associations and Consultants

  • OWNERS – Do you want all of your key managers to speak the same business language? Our Online Business Success Courses are specifically designed for the Children’s Activity Center industry. 3rd Level Consulting partners with you and your key managers to provide the tools to grow themselves and your business!
  • ASSOCIATIONS – Do you want your members to view you as the authority for professional business and personal education? 3rd Level Consulting partners with you to generate rave reviews!
  • CONSULTANTS – Do you want to be able to give your clients access premier professional business and personal education resources. 3rd Level Consulting partners with you to make it happen!

* NOTE: All 3rd Level Memberships and Association Partner Member Clubs benefits include some levels of the Business Courses.

Please CONTACT US to determine which courses your membership includes.

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FAQs | Online Business Success Courses

The Level Course Series is designed to be completed in order. Everyone must start with the Level 1 Course.

The Level 1 Introductory Course provides a great foundation for training current or prospective program managers. The introductory course covers valuable information including:

  • The scope and major components of our industry – instruction, education and child care and entertainment!
  • Introduces the “Magic 8” business success components – overall management, marketing, people management, technology and office management, financial systems, facilities management, risk management and inspiration
  • How program managers fit into the system
  • Personal organization and effectiveness

The Level 2 Intermediate Course is especially helpful for more experienced Program Managers, new Program Directors, new Owners, Owners in the Growth Phase, or those who are considering purchasing or starting a business. This course continues to explore:

  • The seven major business systems and their important interaction – overall management, marketing, people management, technology and office management, financial systems, facilities management and risk management
  • Communication
  • Personal organization and effectiveness

The Level 3 Introductory Leadership Course is great preparation for your future! Included in this course is information on:

  • Important leadership characteristics
  • Optimal energy and performance for leaders
  • Greater personal organization and effectiveness
  • Ways to thrive in a competitive environment

Other specialized, elective Courses are the “next step” for experienced Program Directors, General Managers or Expansion Phase Owners.

The Business Success Courses are designed to inform, enlighten, stimulate thoughtful internal dialogue and provide a consistent path for the business knowledge development of Key Staff.
As you progress in levels of responsibility, you will find it easier to do a GREAT JOB if you are aware of the FACTORS that go INTO doing a great job! There is a natural progression from Assistant or Co-Program Manager to Program Manager to Program Director to General Manager to possible Supervisor or Ownership. In any case, your career opportunities really open up when you arm yourself with the business systems knowledge necessary to succeed.
This is actually a very important distinction. Different businesses use different terms to describe positions within their organization, but in our course work a PROGRAM MANAGER handles the students, curriculum, events, etc. that are already in place. A PROGRAM DIRECTOR has more vision and scope, and is able to benchmark the performance of their program against the best in the country.

Upon payment (or other) authorization, your link and password will be automatically generated and sent to your email address. Simply click on the course link, and you are ready to go! All courses are arranged in Chapters and Lessons for smooth flow.

There are no minimum time requirements prior to taking the tests, but the courses do require study to pass. We recommend a minimum of 2 hours of online time before you take the Assessment Test.

There are assessments for each course. Passing grade is 75% or higher. You may use the course as you take the test. We are interested in your thinking processes, not just rote memory. You can pick up at any place that you leave off, both in the course and on the assessments – however, because some courses have essay responses, it is highly advisable to take any course assessment ALL AT ONE TIME. At the conclusion of the assessment, you can immediately get feedback and see how you did! Certificates (if applicable) are automatically generated.

YES, no problem, and there is no charge.

You can go as rapidly as you are reasonably able to!

Sorry, no! Fundamentals are critical. It is VITAL that you understand what the people whom you “send” through this course will be learning. That way, you will be able to have very constructive discussions with them right from the start.
YES! Many Owners and Supervisors are looking for Program Managers, Program Directors, General Managers or even eventual Owners. Your initiative in educating yourself will raise your “stock value” in their eyes. If you are fortunate enough to have progressive owners who have started you on this track, thank your lucky stars (and thank them as well). Future business owners will find that financial institutions actively inquire as to what your industry-specific business management knowledge is – these Certification Courses address those requirements.

If you are already an owner, you will find that your own knowledge base will be increased, and by having your Key Managers progress through these courses, you will be literally “on the same page” with respect to business development and terminology. When it does come time to transfer ownership of the business (and every business has this phase eventually), you may have some solid candidates.

Many businesses offer this to their Key Players free of charge, incorporating the cost into their Professional Development budget. After all, this is a form of internal marketing. Others have paid 50% of the cost with the prospective or current Manager paying 50%. Upon receipt of their Completion Certificate, the company reimburses them back their original 50%. This way, you know that they are serious enough to put up some of their own money. As with many things in life, if something is “free”, often times we do not truly appreciate it.

If you are a Program Manager, Program Director, Office Manager, General Manager or prospective Owner, you may want to pay for this yourself if the current Owner or Supervisor either will not or cannot fund this. Take the opportunity to improve.

Whether you are an Owner or a Program Leader, the best dollars you can spend in business are the ones that encourage and increase Professional Development.

If word of mouth is our most effective form of marketing, then professional development is the stimulus that creates the great experiences that your customers will talk about. Professional development is actually a major part of marketing for service businesses.

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