Expansion or New Facility Planning

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Expansion or New Facility Planning

The bank has approved me for the loan!!!! This is real now!!!! After the new year, we got some work to do! I’m excited and nervous! Just wanted to let you know and I appreciate all the work you helped me with. I could not have achieved this success without you and 3rd level consulting. Now…let’s get this thing built and making money!!!!

3rd Level professionals are experienced expansion and new facility planners. We have helped countless owners prepare successful projects. 3rd Level Consulting can get you ready to present your complete business plan to investors and bankers. Our organized and progressive approach allows you to justify projections with confidence and the financial numbers are backed up by our independent 3rd party opinion.

Each of our Experts in Expansion and Facility Planning of Children’s Activity Centers (CAC) and Children’s Learning and Activity Centers (CLOC), have direct experience with projects for our own businesses. Our complete process has evolved over years of experience and projects.

The Feasibility Study is ideal for clients determining if they want to build or expand a facility but, have not made the decision on a location or if the community demographics will support their project.

The Typical Feasibility Study includes:

  • Discussion of Expansion Strategies
  • Current Demographics Study – Specific to the location(s) under consideration
  • Site Analysis Chart- determines the best location of up to 3 site choices
  • Demographic Analysis – Projects your market share
  • Competitor Comparison Chart – Assists you in comparing your project to your competitors
  • Discussion – Facility Concept, Considerations and Real Estate Choices

When you are ready to move forward with a Complete Plan all fees charged for a Feasibility Study are credited toward the Complete Expansion Plan or New Facility Plan.

The Expansion or New Facility Planning Study is ideal for clients who have made a decision to expand or create the facility. Each plan is customized to your help you accomplish your goals. 3rd Level Consulting helps you make your dreams a reality.

The Typical Expansion and New Facility Study includes:

  • Feasibility Study – All of the items listed in Feasibility Study Section above
  • Space Need Calculations – Determination of Activities Spaces and Fixed vs. Flex Space
  • Industry Specific Business Plan
  • Facility Maximum Capacity Computation
  • Staffing Chart – Allows you to Plan your Staffing Needs
  • Estimated Project Costs Chart
  • Equipment Needs Chart
  • Break-even Analysis – Number of students necessary
  • Profit and Loss Projections – 3 year Pro Forma based on Demographic Analysis
  • Financial Summary – includes Critical Assumptions, Cautions and Alternative Strategies
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