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Building Your Business Potential

by Frank Sahlein, Founder & CEO, 3rd Level Consulting

A MUST Read For All Owners & Managers

In the Children's Activity Center Industry.

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FREE eBook | Building Your Business Potential
Frank Sahlein | FREE eBook Author, Building Your Business Potential

About the Author

Building Your Business Potential is authored by Frank Sahlein, Founder/CEO of 3rd Level Consulting. Frank is a seasoned entrepreneur, investor and partner in several joint ventures. He has dedicated over 3 decades of his career to providing world-class business education to business owners and managers in the children’s activity center and youth sports industry. Along the way, Frank has attracted industry experts to join his team and amplify the 3rd Level core mission which has ultimately led the 3rd Level team to becoming the LEADER and go-to source for education, training, systems and support for industry governing bodies and child-centered business entities in 8 different countries.

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