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The SmartEDGE Application is where the magic happens for business systems implementation and productivity.  Owners, managers, and instructors can each create their own success pathways.  3rd Level Members access ALL of the systems and resources needed for their professional and personal development, growth and strategic planning.  The Success Steps are the proven path for every aspect of business growth, development and performance. Utilizing the SmartEDGE Application is how to create your business’ living, moving, breathing and evolving business plan.

3rd Level Success Steps
3rd Level Consulting - MarketSmart Success Steps

Business & Personal Development Courses

Those who don’t find the time for professional and personal development tend to stagnate. Great leaders are great learners. Don’t let the fast pace of business prevent you from developing as a leader or from developing your team.  3rd Level Consulting has dozens of personal and professional courses backed up by an extensive library of resources.   Members can login and progress with confidence that they are moving down the direct path to their business & personal goals.

The SmartEDGE Application includes courses for management, marketing, human resources, technology, finance, facility, risk management, and leadership inspiration. You can also create your own custom courses and handbooks for your company.

Best Practices Library

You do not need to re-invent the wheel! We’ve done the work and have included templates and documents in the Resource Library for your use. The templates and documents are industry-specific, time-tested and proven effective.

  • Strategy

  • Marketing

  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Facility & Risk Management
3rd Level Consulting - MarketSmart Success Steps
3rd Level Consulting - MarketSmart Success Steps

Employee LifeCycle & HireSmart System

The Employee LifeCycle System is an online management system for hiring, tracking and monitoring each staff member’s progress. It also includes processes and procedures for onboarding, developing position descriptions, preparing and giving evaluations, staff training and certifications, establishing a compensation structure and handling employee exits.

Finding and retaining great employees is crucial to the health of your business. The HireSmart System is designed to provide you with a complete end-to-end solution for hiring, screening and assessing the best candidates for your business. After customizing the HireSmart System on the SmartEDGE Application, you can also generate a unique URL that can be placed on all online sites to recruit quality candidates.

MarketAlign System

The custom MarketAlign template helps you develop and execute a marketing plan and set your goals for money, numbers, and timelines. It includes internal and external options, setting targets and templates, selecting customer avatars and marketing tactics, as well as budget and ROI considerations. With 3rd Level Consulting membership you can utilize the MarketAlign template which walks you through the creation, set-up steps for targets, tactics and timelines allowing you to develop multiple marketing campaigns.

3rd Level Consulting - MarketSmart Success Steps
3rd Level Consulting - MarketSmart Success Steps

RiskAssure Solutions

With RiskAssure Solutions, you can upload and track equipment maintenance and repairs, Incidents/Accidents and entire facility risk assessments.
With RiskAssure, you can be sure that your equipment is cataloged, maintenance is performed on time and incidents – when they occur – are handled professionally.

  • You need to protect yourself – How can you reduce risk and liability?

  • Keep track of incident logging – Can you always find your accident reports and the actions you took?
  • Advance reporting to analyze protection – Have you developed a comprehensive crisis plan?

Take a deep breath. RiskAssure’s easy interface ensures that you’ll always know your protected AND it is included with 3rd Level membership!

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