Association Partners

Our Association Partnerships are designed to provide Associations the opportunity to offer world-class business management tools and excellent resources for their members.

  • RiskAssure incident tracking and equipment maintenance included complimentary – Do you want to provide peace of mind?
  • Business resources for your club development team – Do you consciously develop your staff and leaders?
  • Provide valuable information for your members – Do you want to add value to your members?

Share industry-specific trends and metrics with your members. 3rd Level Consulting provides periodic articles, survey results, and webinars on sport and business trends.

Association Partners
Service Provider Partners

Service Provider Partners

We work closely with high-quality industry service providers. Connecting you with the right vendors and products to help your business is a win-win! We have partners in Marketing, Human Resources, Technology, Finance, Facility and Risk Management.

  • Why do we partner with industry service providers – It is more effective to work together!

  • Business resources for customers is key – Synergy is added value.

  • We want to help our clients grow – Together we make a difference!

Every children’s activity center can benefit from services providers working together with 3rd Level Consulting to help take their business to the next level.

LEAP! Learning

LEAP! Learning is a custom Leaning Management System (LMS) for youth sports, arts and education. LEAP! has partnered with Expert Content Authors to provide you with comprehensive instructor training courses and activity libraries so you can grow your business.

  • Customizable – The LEAP! Learning platform includes the capability to add your own custom content.

  • Create continuity – Train your staff the same way…EVERY TIME!

  • Save time and money – Automate your staff training.

Curriculums Available on LEAP! Learning: Fun & Fit Gymnastics, Swimagine – Learn-to-Swim, DragonSkills – The Art of Ningility, SpectrAbilities – Special Needs and iCheer. Coming Soon…Dance, Trampoline and Motor Development.

LEAP! Learning
Hope Floats

Hope Floats Foundation

Did you know that drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children ages 5 & under? A child dies from drowning every minute across the globe. By pooling our resources, we can connect children living in poverty with high-quality swim lessons providers who can help educate families on how to keep their children safer.

  • Accidental drowning – It’s a silent epidemic.

  • Saving lives starts with YOU! – Drowning is preventable.

  • How you can help – Become a contributor, or participate.

Swimming lessons give children the ability to save their own lives. Community by community, we can reverse the tide of child drownings worldwide. Find out how you can help.

Partner with Us

3rd Level would love to partner with you! Let’s connect and chat about the mutually beneficial possibilities.

  • Working together can lead to success – What do you bring to the table?
  • Providing expertise that can help business grow and succeed – How can we add value?
  • Teamwork helps us all rise – Where can you help?

Together we can keep the industries strong by providing expertise, tools and services.

We Are Here to Help

Have questions? Connect with us to learn more about how we can help you with your business needs and goals.