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Experience. Systems. Teamwork. Results.

About Us

Our Team of Industry Experts

Our approach is genuine, customer-centered and powered by decades of experience and industry-specific knowledge. We are committed to connecting you with our global network of professionals. We are here to provide guidance and direction to ensure your business success. Empowering children’s activity centers, gymnastics gyms, dance studios, cheer gyms, swim schools, and child care centers worldwide is our Team’s mission.

Frank Sahlein

3rd Level Visionary, CEO & Founder, Mergers & Acquisitions

Barbara Anne May

3rd Level Co-Owner, Communications, Success Manager

Ron Ludwig

3rd Level Co-Owner, Business Brokerage & Valuation Expert

Christie Copeland

Marketing Specialist, Business Systems Consultant

Andy Broido

Swim Consultant Founder, Business Systems Expert

Robin Eisenberg

Leadership Expert, Company Culture & Staff Development

John Muno

Valuation, Selling & Buying, Exit Strategy, Finance Expert

Dean Altes

Valuation & Selling Specialist, Finance & Growth Consultant

Stephanie Savas

Valuation & Sales Expert, Growth Consultant

Annette Bogen

Member On-Boarding, Finances & Client Success Manager

Adrienne Beauchamp

Swim Consultant Expansion Projects, Staffing & Growth

Marcella Miciano

Team Building, Positive Leadership & Customer Service Expert

Lourdes Gonzales

Business Process Management & Organization Design

Steve Cook

Start-Up & Expansion Expert, Business Coach & Advisor

Jeff Lulla

Curriculum Expert, Culture & Business Growth Consultant

Lorraine Currie

Staff Training Expert, Marketing & Customer Service

Sharron Crowley

Swim Business Success Strategist, Customer Experience Expert

Karissa Johnson

SpectrAbilities Founder, Neurodiversity Programming Expert

Guy Beveridge

Safety & Security Expert, Risk Assessment Consultant

Michael Mordegna

Expansion & Growth Consultant, Streamline Systems Strategist

Rachel Castle

Kids Gym Office Consultant, Customer Service Expert

Rachel Foster

Wordsmith Ninja, Copywriting Expert for Increasing Enrollment

Kristina Williams

Customer Service, Business Operations & Staffing Consultant

Ashleigh McCaw

Business Wellness Consultant, Active Attitude Curriculums


Gina Walters

LEAP Learning
LEAP StarKids

Lisa Mitzel

Lisa Mitzel Zen Tiger Mind Mental Health

Tiffany Mills

DEI Training


Carmella Solito

Grants Writing

Georgette Cutler

Finance Optimization


Joy Umenhoffer

LEAP Trampoline and Tumbling


Katrina McCarter

Marketing to Moms


Matthew Becker

Gym Lawyers


Casey Del Prete

Swimming Safari

Galen Broido

Galenda Media Group

A.I.M. for Success! – Frank Sahlein, Founder/CEO

Be a Business Champion

Every Children’s Activity Center, Gymnastics Center, Dance Studio, Cheer Gym, Swim School And Child Care Center is as unique as the community they serve. whether you are a start-up or a well-established company, we can help.

We are so confident that our services and integrated business systems, apps and resources will yield positive, impressive results that we guarantee it!

Put the right PEOPLE in the right POSITIONS, doing the right THINGS, with the right TOOLS.

Our Philosophy & Mantra, The 3rd Level Consulting Team