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Start-Up and Expansion Planning

We're Here For You In the Exciting Moments of Business Growth!

Start-Up Project

Our team is here to help you launch or expand your venture. If you already have one location and are looking to expand that location or add another, check out our Expansion Planning Services.

Crafted to align with your unique objectives, this plan empowers you to navigate confidently, evading costly pitfalls with a comprehensive business strategy grounded in experience, research and data.

Expansion Planning

Secure A Project Manager To Assist With Your Business Growth Via New Programs, Expansion Or Adding A Location

3rd Level can provide expert advice through every stage of your project helping you with the key business factors.


Start-Up Project

Our organized and team approach allows you to move forward with confidence and make data-driven decisions backed up by our independent 3rd party opinion.

Bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement and turn your vision into reality!

Our team has experience in the full gamut of activities for children making us your go-to for advice when considering expansion.

Demographic and financial assessments, combined with expert insight, can be the key to turning your expansion dream into a success story.


Expansion Planning