Meet Our Executive Team

Our Executive Team has successfully served children’s activity centers, gymnastics gyms, dance studios, cheer gyms, swim schools and child care centers worldwide for 35+ years.

Frank Sahlein

3rd Level Founder & Chief Visionary

Barbara Anne May

3rd Level Co-Owner & Communications

Ron Ludwig

3rd Level Co-Owner & SportzBiz Sales

Christie Copeland

3rd Level Marketing Specialist

Meet Our Team of Industry Experts

Our Team of Indusry Experts is comprised of accomplished entreprenuers and industry thought leaders. The vast array of experience they bring to our clients is second-to-none.

John Muno

3rd Level SportsBiz Sales

Steve Cook

3rd Level Exapansion & Paradigm Playbook

Dean Altes

3rd Level SportsBiz Sales

Andy Broido

3rd Level Swim Consultant Manager

Robin Eisenberg

3rd Level – Swim Consultant

Annette Bogen

3rd Level – Swim Consultant

Jeff Lulla

3rd Level – LEAP Manager – Gymnastics

Lourdes Gonzales

3rd Level – Lulu Process Design Group

Lorraine Currie

3rd Level Consultant – Leap Ninja

Sharron Crowley

3rd Level Consultant – LEAP Swim

Karissa Johnson

3rd Level Consultant – LEAP Special Abilities

Gina Walters

3rd Level Consultant – LEAP Preschool Sports

Adrienne Beauchamp

3rd Level – Swim Consultant

Marcella Miciano

3rd Level – Swim Consultant

Guy Beveridge

3rd Level Risk, Safety & Security Expert

Michael Mordegna

3rd Level Business Consultant

Rachel Castle

3rd Level – Kids Gym Consulting

Rachel Foster

3rd Level – Ads That Sell Classes

Kristina Williams

3rd Level Business Consultant

Ashleigh McCaw

3rd Level Business Consultant

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