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Client Reviews: We Are Fully Dedicated To Our Clients!

When you become a member of the 3rd Level community your business will soar to a higher level. Check out what our client testimonials about our products, services and events!

WOW! I am just sitting here in awe!

Outstanding from the depth of the content to the library and systems. I think you really have something unique and the first to venture into the online education in business. Exceptional!” 

Loree Galimore – USA Gymnastics

USA Gymnastics - Client Testimonials

“Overwhelmed to Organized in 1 year – a complete turn around!”

Jenn Ayars – Sandhills Gymnastics, NC | USA

I’m thinking I might have to take a break from 3rd Level at some point … every time I implement the systems and strategies that you teach, it’s like our business transforms into this ‘next level’ machine! So much positive growth!!”

Derek Conorton – The Dream Centre | Toronto – Ontario, Canada

“It was great seeing you again (at the 2016 Business Acceleration Seminar in Tampa, FL); I always enjoy getting together with you because it gives me a chance to tap into your wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom as an entrepreneur and business consultant. That was truly obvious yesterday in Tampa; I came back with a lot of food for thought and a detailed list of things to work on.”
Phil Bennett, Sun Country Sports Center | Jonesville & Gainesville, FL
“Frank and the crew at 3rd Level Consulting represent some of the most worthwhile investments we have ever made. We have used 3rd Level’s services from business assessment to business acquisition to expansion planning. The annual Brain Trust Conference and the Total Access program are real winners for our company!”
J. Orkowski, Gymfinity | Fitchburg, WI
“I wanted to express my gratitude to 3rd Level for all its assistance in selling Diamond Elite Gymnastics. Every step of the process was professionally and ethically handled. Your valuation of my gym allowed me to receive top dollar for the program, while your expertise in marketing exposed the gym to multiple buyers that would never have been available to me had I chosen to sell-by-owner. The transaction was moved along smoothly with your extensive business experience and excellent model for an effective sale. Mostly, I must thank you for your clear understanding that this transaction was emotional for both buyer and seller. The ability to reach out and receive prompt communication from you every step of the way made this a much easier transition that I could have expected.”
Louise Hyland , Diamond Elite Gymnastics (Former Owner) | Chino, CA
“I just wanted to let you know I had a wonderful time this week at the BBTC. I was one of the youngest owners in the entire conference and it was positive experience being surrounded by experienced, creative and hardworking owners. Brian and I learned so much and have a new found vision for our life and our business. And truly Frank, you try to improve not only the business but also the lives of your clients. I look forward to growing as a person and as a business with 3rd Level Consulting!”
Casi & Brian Shupe, Norwalk Dance Center | Norwalk, OH
“Liz and I completed the sale of Happy Fish thanks to your valuation and negotiation services. Thank you so much for your help! I will recommend you and your companies to anyone I can.”
Tom Montoya, Happy Fish (Former Owners) | Freemont/Livermore, CA
“I have an MBA, an I find that the Best Practices Library and the Business Management Success Courses are valuable resources for anyone in the Children’s Activity Center industry.”
Terry Veit-Harmening, EnVision Gymnastics | Greater Philadelphia Area, NJ
“The documents in the Best Practices Library are awesome! The search and preview capabilities plus the weekly updates makes it extremely valuable for us!”
Vadim Balakirev, Elite Gymnastics Academy | Burnsville, MN
“I just want to let you know that you are my living heroes, putting so many valuable people together for the Business Brain Trust Conference. There were so many things to learn, and you can book me in for the next one right now! I hope that many more Mexicans can have the same learning opportunities.”
Ceci Rubio, Club Canada Swimming | Mexico City, Mexico
“You have gone above and beyond on our behalf and appreciate all you have done. Our team was so pumped after the BBTC that we cleared our schedules Thursday morning and had a 4 hour brainstorming session with all the ideas and changes they wanted to implement. We ended up with nearly 90 items! We are doing a second meeting to set a priority list and assign who will present a game plan for those items to be achieved.”
Tony Whitaker, GymStars ETC | Addison, IL
“As a successful business owner of multiple locations in Florida, Texas and Nevada, I needed a broker with broad business experience. 3rd Level’s valuation methodology was highly professional, and their negotiating and sales systems were highly effective. The ability that 3rd Level Consulting has to draw from a country-wide market was a key factor in two of the sales. All three sales were conducted in a smooth manner resulting in successful transactions. Thanks again for your assistance. I would highly recommend your valuation and sale services to any owner.”
Rita Brown, Brown's Gymnastics Centers | FL
“I have been thrilled with the information and motivation available through 3rd Level’s programs. I highly recommend their Webinars and Total Access program. Clubs of any level and size could truly benefit from the success factors shared and the networking available.”
Lorraine Currie , Gymnastics Ontario | Ontario, Canada
“I have used 3rd Level Consulting several times over the past 3 years, and have never had a consultation that was not worth the cost. They tailor the work towards your specific business needs. Whether you are tying to implement a new program, develop an operating system for existing programs or looking at expanding, buying or selling, they provide you with a very valuable and realistic viewpoint. We will continue to use 3rd Level as we continue to grow our successful Children’s Activity Center.”
David Klein, Metro Children's Center | Portland, OR
“We really appreciate your ability to cut to the chase and get down to the nuts and bolts of a situation or problem. You definitely exceeded our expectations. What is so exciting about your consultation is that we now have a clear vision of the future. Thanks for helping us to appreciate what we can do with better systems!”
Bob & Pam Meier, Aerial Tumbling & AcroGymnastics | Blossom Hill, CA
“This was a stretch for me, going outside of the box, getting out of the swim school comfort zone. I was so embraced by everyone at BBTC! What a warm and inviting group you have in the multi-sport industry. The bar is set so high with 3rd level, I love it!”
Sharron Crowley, Aquaventures Swim School | British Columbia, Canada
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