Success Steps System

Using the SuccessSteps System is the best way to create predictable performance.  The 8-part series laser focuses your priorities and gives you a professional edge.  The 8 components in the series are: Management | Marketing | People | Technology | Finance | Facilities | Risk | Inspiration.

  • Business systems are key to profitable, smooth-flowing operations

  • The 8 key areas are progressive and each has 8 steps

  • Operational steps are equivalent to skills learning progressions

Examining the 8 key areas and the 64 steps that all business in our industries need to address, you will have an organized method to evaluate where you are strong as well as what needs improvement.

Success Steps System
SmartEDGE Application

SmartEDGE Application

The innovative, multi-media platform streamlines the way that businesses conduct, monitor and GROW. We have next-level business apps for Marketing, HR, Finance and Risk Management for professional development.

  • Provide business courses and create your own courses Do you have competent and motivated staff?

  • Get your leadership team on the same page – Is there a culture of performance?
  • Smart systems increase the value of your business – Are you worried about things falling thru the cracks?

Use the SmartEDGE resources to give your team the tools to improve their performance and your business value will increase.

Employee LifeCycle Systems

A complete system to hire, track and monitor each person’s progress, including onboarding, position agreements, evaluations, training, certifications, compensations and exits.  You will be able to set up individual success pathways and keep track of their progress.

  • Hiring, Onboarding, Training – SuccessPaths –  Tools for helping you find, retain, and then track each employee.

  • Position agreements and evaluations create consistency – Do you have the culture you want?
  • Compensation & benefits recorded over time – Are you consistent and can you locate necessary information?

Monitor, train and keep track of each employees at every stage of their development. This is made possible through the Employee LifeCycle System, an online applications that include HireSmart, a Forms & Certification Tracker, Performance Dashboards and other trackable templates.

Employee LifeCycle & Hire Smart System
MarketAlign System

MarketAlign System

The custom MarketAlign template helps you develop a marketing plan and set your goals for money, numbers and timelines. It includes internal and external options, setting targets and templates, selecting customer avatars and marketing tactics, as well as budget and ROI considerations.

  • Branding and online presence are just the beginning – Do you have full classes?
  • Start with knowing what customers you want – How is your retention?
  • Choose, design and track your results – Are you hitting your growth targets?

MarketAlign application for professional market plan implementation – A comprehensive marketing plan with strategies, campaigns, tactics and ROI.

RiskAssure Application

With RiskAssure, you can be sure that your equipment is cataloged, maintenance is performed on time and incidents – when they occur – are handled professionally.

  • You need to protect yourself from liability – How can you reduce risk and liability?
  • Keep track of incident logging – Can you always find your accident reports and the actions you took?

  • Advance reporting to analyze protection – Have you developed a comprehensive crisis plan?

Take a deep breath. RiskAssure’s easy interface ensures that you’ll always know your protected AND it is included with 3LC membership!

RiskAssure Solutions

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