Employee LifeCycle System

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3rd Level Consulting - MarketSmart Success Steps

HireSmart System

Finding and retaining great employees is crucial to the health of your business. The HireSmart App is designed to provide you with a complete end-to-end solution for hiring, screening and assessing the best candidates for your business. By customizing the HireSmart App, you will generate a URL that can be placed on all online sites to recruit quality candidates.

Employee LifeCycle System

Hire, track and monitor staff members as they progress through your business.  Educate and train them with your culture, standards and attitude – creating success pathways for them.  Keeping track of each employee and their journey is made possible through the Employee LifeCycle System.  Every step on their success path from hiring, onboarding, position agreements, evaluations, training, certifications, compensations through exit is monitored and tracked.

3rd Level Consulting - MarketSmart Success Steps

Put the right PEOPLE in the right POSITIONS, doing the right THINGS, with the right TOOLS.

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