MarketAlign System

Custom Marketing Plan App


Internal Marketing
Customer Retention

– OR –

External Marketing
Customer Acquisition


Strategic Goals
Numbers & Money

Create a Theme

Set Your Avatars
Targets & Tactics


Set the Plan Budget
Initial Investment

Track the Responses

Determine the ROI
Return on Investment

3rd Level Consulting - MarketSmart Success Steps

Design Your Master Marketing Plan

The MarketAlign System guides you through implementation of your Marketing Plan. 3rd Level Consulting Members can find this in the “Authoring – Courses and Apps” section of their SmartEDGE Resources site.  Using the customizable MarketAlign template allows you develop multiple campaigns.

The MarketAlign template helps you develop a professional Marketing Plan.  You will set up different campaigns for specific programs and for a specific time length. It includes internal and external options, setting targets and templates, selecting customer avatars and marketing tactics, as well as budget and ROI considerations

Easy as 1-2-3

Without a viable Marketing Plan, your money is just an expense and mostly “guess work”.  We must “hit the mark” with every marketing plan that we create.  Learn the step-by-step purposeful design of a practical plan. The MarketAlign 3 Step System guides you through setting up customized campaigns.  Step 1 is deciding if the campaign is targeting customer retention (internal marketing) or customer acquisition (external marketing).  You design your plan in Step 2 by going thru the template and creating a theme, set customer avatars and strategic goals.  Step 3 is all about results.  Tracking the responses and comparing to the plan budget and initial investment will determine your ROI, Return On Investment.

3rd Level Consulting - MarketSmart Success Steps

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