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3rd Level Success Steps
3rd Level Consulting - MarketSmart Success Steps


Success Steps

Use the SmartEDGE System to Manage your Business

  • Organize your Management & Administrative Teams

  • Cement your Cultural Cornerstones

  • Integrate your Business Model and Pathways

Strategy | Systems | Business Value | Long Term Planning | Leadership


Success Steps

Improve your Marketing ROI

  • Demographic Analysis & Market Share Calculations
  • Annual Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Campaign ROI, Return On Investment

Marketing Plan | Campaigns | ROI Tracking | Public Relations | Online Presence

3rd Level Consulting - MarketSmart Success Steps
3rd Level Consulting - MarketSmart Success Steps


Success Steps

Give your Human Resources, HR, Manger the Tools to Succeed

  • Find the right people using the HireSmart Application

  • Use the Employee LifeCycle System, ELS, for every tracking all details

  • Tie compensation to Job Agreements & Evaluations

Hiring | Onboarding | Training | Positions & Evaluations | Communication


Success Steps

Utilize Technology to GROW your Business

  • Work as fast as you can think

  • Streamline your Systems for efficiency & communication

  • Integrate tech tools for your entire business operations

Front Office | Teacher Training | Company Data | Synching Tools | Organization

3rd Level Consulting - MarketSmart Success Steps
3rd Level Consulting - MarketSmart Success Steps


Success Steps

Use Financial Metrics to Measure your Performance

  • Income / Expense / Profitability percentage analysis

  • Customer retention calculations

  • Industry Business Valuation Knowledge

Metrics Analysis | Pricing | Expense Percentages | Payroll Productivity | Business Valuations


Success Steps

Evaluate your Facility Design and Use for Efficiency

  • Interior/Exterior Design for Safety, Function and Flow

  • Online Inspection & Repairs with RiskAssure

  • Business Expansion Planning (add programs, locations, square footage)

Facility Design | Utilization of Space | Maintenance | Expansion

3rd Level Consulting - MarketSmart Success Steps
3rd Level Consulting - MarketSmart Success Steps


Success Steps

Reduce Risk and Stress using the SmartEDGE System

  • Protect your Business with Vulnerability Assessment

  • Culture of Safety – first, last and always

  • Insurance coverage and online documentation of Incidents & Accidents

Safety | Insurance | Security Systems | Protection | Crisis Preparation


Success Steps

Provide Success Paths to Unlock Motivation and Inspiration

  • Personal and Professional Development

  • Goal Setting and Priories in Synch

  • Intentionally Lead and build up your Team

Leadership | Success Formulas | Goal Setting | Change | Innovation

3rd Level Consulting - MarketSmart Success Steps

Put the right PEOPLE in the right POSITIONS, doing the right THINGS, with the right TOOLS.

Our Philosophy & Mantra, The 3rd Level Consulting Team

 Experience. Systems. Teamwork. Results.

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