With over 1,610+ clients spanning 7 countries, 3rd Level Consulting is the most complete and trusted source for the development and growth of highly successful and profitable Children’s Activity Centers. Our expert consultants work diligently to provide superior service at every stage of your business.

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Our #1 priority is YOU, the Children’s Activity Center business owner. We truly care about your business and the development and success of your key staff, which is why we offer the BEST education, training, systems and support.

We are constantly updating our resources and developing new features requested by our clients and our expert consultants from around the world. You can count on us to help you meet and exceed your business goals.

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Together, we will design a custom package that’s right for YOU and YOUR team!

On-Demand Consulting | Online or At Your Location

  • No membership required.
  • Voice & visual consulting for all business related issues.
  • Examples include Marketing, Staff Development, Financial Performance, Business Start-Up, Expansion Planning, Business Valuations, Buy/Sell Negotiations, Succession Planning, etc.

3rd Level Memberships | Leverage Your Time & Money

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  • Online Best Practices Templates.
  • Private, personal consulting sessions.
  • Online business education courses.
  • Conferences & training events.
  • The Success Solutions Dashboards & much more!

Success Dashboards | The #1 Business Success App

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  • Dashboards with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Owners, Program Managers & Office Managers.
  • Built-in Position Descriptions & Self-Evaluations.
  • Linked to short & long-term actions.
  • Ongoing Success Log!

Business Expansion Planning | Experts Help You Prepare

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  • Demographics & Market Share Analysis.
  • Detailed Break-Even & Years 1-3 Pro Formas spreadsheets.
  • Business Plan (text) templates.
  • All tied together in a neat package for banks & investors.

Business Valuation & Sale | For Accurate Sales & Acquisitions

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  • Succession Planning & Exit Strategies Overview.
  • Business Valuations for Selling or Buying.
  • Negotiations Strategies.
  • Sale or Purchase Agents.

Business Acceleration
Training Seminars

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  • Presenter | Facilitator – CEO Frank Sahlein.
  • Results-driven success strategies.
  • Laser-focused system steps.
  • Success Solutions Dashboard App.

“A.I.M. for Success – awareness, implementation, measurement.”
– Frank Sahlein, Founder/CEO, 3rd Level Consulting
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