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What You Don’t See and Say Can Hurt You


What You Don't See & Say Can Hurt You (and Your Team) by Robin Eisenberg, Vice President, Swim Consultant There are many components to a successful business. We can look at your business model, staffing, facilities, policies and procedures, customers and so much more. However, let’s take a [...]

What You Don’t See and Say Can Hurt You2023-02-28T02:54:06+00:00

Are You Compliant?


Are You Compliant? Important Rules and Regulations to Review for your Website Can you answer these 3 questions? Is your website compliant with the latest regulations for privacy, consent & cookies? Does your website meet the requirements of ADA Compliance? Did your last WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) [...]

Are You Compliant?2022-10-22T15:02:24+00:00

Creating a Magnetic Culture


Creating a Magnetic Culture Every organization has a culture. Does your company’s culture attract and retain the people who believe in and live your company’s values? Culture will hold a company together or can tear it apart.  How will you establish a culture that is magnetic, one where [...]

Creating a Magnetic Culture2022-06-29T01:47:58+00:00

Creating a Winning Communication Plan


Creating a Winning Communication Plan With today’s technology, communication in essence should be easier than ever, however it is actually more complex. With thousands of apps, programs and tools available, finding a communication method that works can be very challenging. What one person likes another may despise. Often [...]

Creating a Winning Communication Plan2022-05-22T18:54:56+00:00

Solving the Digital Marketing Puzzle


Solving the Digital Marketing Puzzle In our last blog, Marketing is a Must (regardless of boom or bust), we covered connections, finding clients and conveying your message.  In our FREE Workshop, Creating Your Marketing Message, we will help you create a message that encourages engagement and better relationships [...]

Solving the Digital Marketing Puzzle2022-05-05T17:51:48+00:00

Marketing is a Must


Marketing is a Must! (regardless of boom or bust) By definition, marketing is: the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. ~ American Marketing Association Some mistakenly think about marketing as [...]

Marketing is a Must2022-05-05T17:42:07+00:00

Raising the Bar for Customer Service


Raising the Bar for Customer Service Who is your Customer? Excellent Customer Service is vital to all businesses.  Every industry has unique characteristics that should be taken into account. The Child Activity Center Industry serves 3 distinct customer groups.  External Customers = PARENTS who pay the fees External [...]

Raising the Bar for Customer Service2022-05-05T17:37:45+00:00

Goal Setting that gets Results


Goal Setting That Gets Results It’s that time, new year - time for goals, resolutions, plans, etc., right? WRONG! Your goals both professional and personal should be top of mind and a constant work-in-progress. We shouldn’t only be setting and revising goals when the clock strikes midnight each year [...]

Goal Setting that gets Results2024-01-28T16:51:41+00:00

FinanceSmart – Key Profitability Factors


FinanceSmart – Key Profitability Factors We hope you have enjoyed our Business Finance series.  If you are catching this blog and you haven’t yet read our first two blogs in the FinanceSmart series, we recommend heading back to Business Finance 101 – What Every Owner Must Know to [...]

FinanceSmart – Key Profitability Factors2022-08-24T09:22:52+00:00
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